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Trust Tree Talks, Bella Voce Author Series – Ellie Alexander

Episode Summary

We’re excited to premiere Trust Tree Presents Bella Voce Author Series on this podcast and to welcome our first guest, best-selling mystery author, Ellie Alexander. Ellie is the author of twenty-fours books spanning four different mystery series but is probably best known for her delightful Bakeshop Mystery series set in scenic Ashland, Oregon. Listen in for her advice to writers, how she’s created a “choose your own adventure” project to collaborate with her fans on a mystery and what’s been the best surprise about connecting with her fans. It’s a fun conversation with an author with much wisdom to share. Her next book in the Bakeshop series, Nothing Bundt Trouble, is scheduled to drop June 30, 2020, preorder yours today.

Episode Notes

In the premiere episode of our new Trust Tree Presents Bella Voce author series, hosts Elizabeth Holmes and Lisa Schauer have the pleasure of interviewing best-selling mystery author, Ellie Alexander. Ellie’s well known for her Bakeshop Mystery Series set in the beautiful southern Oregon town of Ashland, as well as the Sloan Krause Mysteries set in the Bavarian themed paradise of Leavenworth, Washington. A Pacific Northwest native, Ellie also writes the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series and Rose City Mysteries as Kate Dyer-Seeley.

We talk with Ellie about how she became a writer and she’s shares her writing process as well as her advice to aspiring writers. The conversation touches on who she has in her tribe and how her life has evolved over the years. 

About the Trust Tree Presents Bella Voce author series: Bella Voce, Italian for beautiful voices, was a locally based author series that ran from 2009-2013 and was founded by First Independent Bank. When the event disappeared from the region many lamented who felt such a connection to this unique cultural offering. The hope of a rebirth of the series was sparked when the Clark College Foundation and Trust Tree came together to launch a reimagined Bella Voce. We just didn’t realize how reimagined it would need to become thanks to a global pandemic. 

Trust Tree Talks will continue to have guest authors as part of our ongoing Bella Voce series as we explore some of those beautiful voices that are sharing stories with the world. 

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